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US Marine Corp delivers Cougar armored vehicle for technical manual development

USMC Cougar Delivery 1

The USMC Cougar is an infantry mobility vehicle designed in South Africa. It’s designed to resist land mines and other munitions. Several countries use the vehicle, but it’s primarily found in use by the US Military and British Army Forces.

Technical data is going hands on!  S&K Logistics Services recently took delivery of a USMC Cougar to assist their work developing technical data and manuals for the equipment.

The new technical manuals to support the Interrogation Arm Assembly (IAA) and the Lightweight Route Clearance Blade (LRCB). Both of these pieces of equipment mount on the Cougar armored vehicle. The technical manuals will be updated to include all Government-provided changes to operator’s procedures, maintenance instructions, drawings and diagrams.

USMC Cougar Delivery 2

S&K Logistics Services employees Ammy Pearson, Tech Data Engineer, and Mike Bearden, Tech Data Engineer, are shown inspecting several parts of the Cougar.

USMC Cougar Delivery 3

Tthe Lightweight Route Clearance Blade (aka plow) is being inventoried.

USMC Cougar Blast Protection

Testing is performed on the blast protection on the USMC Cougar (courtesy USMC).

The Government is providing the Cougar for this effort which will be used in the update and development of both manuals. The Cougar vehicle is an advanced ballistic and blast-protected vehicle, which can be configured for various roles, including command and control, EOD, patrol, convoy support, forward observation, reconnaissance and med-evacuation.

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