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Smile for your drivers license!

Missoula DMV outside sign

S&K provides technical support for the equipment at Motor Vehicle Division stations just like this across western Montana.

Since 2008, S&K Technologies has partnered with MorphoTrust USA to provide field technicians to repair and maintain driver’s license exam stations across the state of Montana. “We travel directly to each exam station when a repair call comes in,” said Corey Badgely, Project Manager and main technician, who for the past four years has travelled thousands of miles for repairs. He is often seen at the corporate office carrying equipment to an S&K vehicle in response to a station technical issue.

Each exam station has a testing kiosk and camera system and other technology like facial recognition and online appointment scheduling. In Montana, drivers receive a temporary license at the time of their appointment. The actual license is processed and printed at an off-site central facility and mailed to the applicant within two weeks. The turnkey system has increased the amount of applicants that are processed, averaging less than 15 minutes for a driver to renew his or her license.

“We support 20 offices in western Montana and provide same day service for 95% of all support ticket requests,” stated Corey. “After four years we’ve become experts at fixing technology and equipment issues at the stations, and it’s fun to work with state employees to get their systems back on line as fast as we can. It’s important to the public, who take time out of their busy day, that getting a license be quick and easy.”

The State of Montana recently awarded a five year follow-on contract to MorphoTrust USA to make some major updates to the exam stations and still provide field technicians. S&K will assist in upgrading the offices starting this year and continue to provide on-site technical support.

Missoula DMV Office

A surprisingly quiet noon-hour at the Missoula, MT, Driver’s Licensing office.


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