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S&K donates boxes of N95 masks for COVID-19 response

S&K employees found several boxes of N95 masks while doing inventory at our Byron, Georgia, warehouse location. Inside were more than 1,000 sealed masks that were part of an earlier over-shipment.

S&K immediately contacted the local Fire Chief, Kirk Crumpton, to ask his advice on how to get them into the hands of local agencies in need. Within hours the masks were distributed to local hospitals, city and county police departments, ambulance services, county Air Evac, family practice centers, a funeral home, and a hospice center.

“I have received numerous calls and texts expressing how much the donations were appreciated,” said Dave Rariden, General Manager of the S&K Aerospace Business Unit within S&K Technologies.  “Chief Crumpton’s wife is an nurse at the major trauma hospital in Macon and he told me that she has been issued a new mask every 10 days and has had to bring it home in a bag every night and “cook” it in the oven.”

“Chief Crumpton said reserves were dangerously low for medical and first responders and the donation could be considered life changing.  For me, it was great to know that our employees realized an opportunity to help others who are doing so much to help us all.  I am extremely proud we were able to make it happen so quickly.  There are some care providers in the community that are better equipped tonight.”

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