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S&K COMSEC Team at DOE Savannah River Site SHINES

S&K Logistics Services’ four-person communications security (COMSEC) team at the Savannah River Site (SRS) underwent an annual COMSEC audit and inspection from 9-11 May, and the results were stellar.

The team, which is led by Willie Pearson (COMSEC Project Manager) and includes Jason Clark, Donyelle Henley, and Darrin Norris, works on S&K’s Administrative and Information Technology Support Services contract with Department of Energy (DOE).

Together, they manage the second largest COMSEC account in the DOE complex. The account includes well over 600 accountable items, including keying material and hardware.

The account services entities not only at SRS, but also DOE’s Environmental Management Consolidated Business Center sites in Cincinnati, OH, and Denver, CO. The team also runs DOE’s SIMEX message center at SRS and processes, on average, about 90 messages per day, all of which are classified.

A four-person inspection team from DOE headquarters in Washington, DC, evaluated the COMSEC program as commendable, which is the highest possible level that can be attained.

When asked what he attributed the outstanding results of the inspection to, Willie Pearson stated, “It’s all about teamwork, commitment, and attention to detail. Without those three attributes being exemplified by every member of the team every day, these results would not have happened.  You don’t just show up on inspection day and get evaluated as commendable unless you perform at a top level every day. Our team does, and I am proud of them.”

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