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Safety of U.S. Marines the goal of S&K employees

SKLS Byron Crew

The Technical Writer/Editor crew for S&K Logistics Services in Byron, GA (L to R): Judson “Keith” Wigham, Dan Childs, Nicole Cranewier, Jeff Sumrow, Rose Kenney, Rich Petty, Sandi Podskoc, and Mike Bearden.

Supporting the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) is job one for our crew in Byron, GA. The professionals pictured left are part of S&K Logistics Services and S&K Aerospace and provide Technical Manuals for USMC equipment. This includes a lot of work including scratch developing, producing, validating, provisioning and delivering manuals for the young Marines out in the field. The team works seamlessly validating their procedures every step of the way to ensure a quality product is delivered to the customer.

Currently, the team is writing Technical Manuals on a John Deere (JD) 850JR Medium Crawler Tractor (shown), along with a JD Front-End Loader, armored cabs, and three Engineer Equipment Trailers. Equipment is stored right in the same facility where the writers work, allowing easy access to the equipment when establishing new procedures.

At the start of this project, members of the team traveled to the Marine Corps Systems Command in Albany, GA, to tour some of the Marine Corp’s heavy construction equipment. After inspecting an armored cab riddled with bullet holes, the team realized how important their upcoming task was. “It gives us a great sense of pride to be tasked with helping out the Marine Corps. The project is valuable to S&K, but more importantly, to the Marines in the field. It’s very humbling,” said a team member.

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