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What do we make at S&K?

What do we make?

Since coming onboard at SKT the question I get the most is “what does SKT make?” I have had eight years on the board and six months as an employee to find the universal answer to that question without success. I struggled to explain manpower, tech orders, repair/return, and MRO to an audience several hundred miles from a military base and generally unfamiliar with a CPAR.

Recently, while helping my newly retired father move back to the valley, I realized my first successful explanation of ‘what we make.’ “We provide any support or need our customer’s request regardless of whether it is people to turn a wrench, people to buy the wrench, people to design the wrench, or people to support the wrench after the sale. We can do anything our customers need, and they pay us for it.”

His response was ‘that makes sense.’

You cannot believe how excited I was to have successfully answered the question. So excited I went on to describe the corporate structure and how we have a holding company that provides financial, HR, BD, contract, etc. services to the LLC’s—the LLC’s are created to win and perform contracts, and the corporation charter is to… I looked up to see the blank look I have become so familiar seeing, on my dad’s face.

I stopped, smiled, and said, “It’s the best company, with the best people, I have ever worked for.” My dad said ‘good people make all the difference’ and we went back to work.

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