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Surprise military homecoming for S&K employee

IMG_1190An S&K Aerospace employee got a surprise early return from her soldier husband.

Scheduled to return in the middle of July, Nathan Zahn surprised his wife and family at a Sky Soxs game in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His wife, Alicia Zahn, is an employee with S&K Aerospace. Both kids, Ava (8) and Andrew (6), were on the field getting ready to announce “Play Ball” at the start of the game, when Nathan was brought on the field to help out.

Nathan was deployed for five months at two locations: Eskan Village, Saudi Arabia and Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan. The family shared hugs and tears of joy and Alicia says her and the kids are so happy for his safe return.

The moment was captured by a local news team. To see the video, follow this link: http://bit.ly/1KYjFZ4

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