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S&K’s New Military-Friendly Employer Certification

SKT-Veterans-At-Work-EmblemS&K has long been a supporter of building a diverse yet inclusive workforce. We take pride in our commitment to bringing employment opportunities to qualified individuals who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences, and cultures to create a feeling of connectiveness at each S&K work location. One such group of diverse employees to join S&K’s employment ranks over the years are those who have served in the military.

Currently, twelve percent of our workforce proudly identify as retired from or actively serving in a military capacity. This high percent was recognized by our ABU General Manager, Dave Rariden, who worked with Human Resources to explore the benefits of a special certification and then support achieving a visible recognition for our military employees.

S&K is pleased to share our newly earned certification as a military-friendly employer. Called Veterans at Work, this achievement is gained through a rigorous certification process and legitimately allows S&K to use the new Military-Friendly logo as part of our Career Center, our recruitment advertising, and as a recognizable sign to those who have served. Thank you to all our employees who bring their life experience to work at S&K and thank you to our many military employees.

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