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S&K Global Solutions’ NASA EPIC Team win Super Nova Safety Award

S&K Global Solutions (SKGS) – Super Nova Safety Award

SKGS was once again awarded the Super Nova Safety Award, three years in a row, and fourth time total. As noted by NASA, SKGS was awarded from the following safety attributes:

  1. Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) and Days Away Restricted Time (DART) rates were both zero
  2. Participated in CASC, and JSC Safety Meetings
  3. Continued in the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) challenge program
  4. Created SKGS KITES program which is a peer-to-peer award program focused on safety
  5. Several employees received Safe Not Sorry awards


CSF Safety & Health Excellence Awards for 2017

The objective of this awards program is to promote excellence in contractor operations through the implementation of effective safety programs, the reduction in mishaps and hazards, the integration of OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) principles, and by fostering a sound safety culture throughout the JSC community.  Contractor Awardees will have demonstrated a commitment to a JSC-wide safety and health focus and highly successful safety and health management systems execution.

Based on the application criteria, the contractors are provided the opportunity to document their performance in three performance areas.  The submissions are evaluated by a CSF Awards Committee and the total score determines the level of CSF Safety and Health Excellence Award achieved specifically Stellar, Nova or Super Nova. The three performance areas include:

Section I – Contractor Safety Performance – Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) and Days Away Restricted Time (DART) rates for the calendar year as determined through the OSHA recordkeeping process. Points are determined by the percentage of the TCIR and the DART rates are below the BLS national average based on their NAICS code.

Section II – Record of Participation – The second step is the assessment of performance in the area of participation in the CSF, CASC and JSAT meetings.  Points are awarded for the level of meeting participation.

Section III – Best Practice/Innovation/Service – The third step involves consideration for safety and health best practices, innovative approaches to safety and health, and service to the JSC Community during the 2017 calendar year. The criteria for this category reflect JSC Safety and Health goals, objectives, and priorities.

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