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High frequency radio solutions for the Montana National Guard

Radio Tower

Wireless communication has greatly evolved since the radiotelegraphic stations of WWI. Technological advances since 1920 allowed radios to become smaller, operate at higher power levels, and utilize a greater radio frequency spectrum. Today’s wireless communication is highly advanced and is the backbone for worldwide data and voice transmissions.

With such a complex wireless network comes a need for some type of backup radio system that can survive a cataclysmic event – such as another world war – that could disrupt the world’s primary communications infrastructure. With this need in mind, the Montana National Guard decided to update their aging backup High Frequency (HF) radio system. They turned to the S&K Global Solutions Telecommunications Group for assistance.

The S&K Global Solutions team engineered a solution to update radio and antenna structures across the state to give various Guard armories the ability to communicate with each other. Installation for the upgrades will begin Spring 2013 and encompass 11 locations in Montana.

“The HF spectrum provides great propagation for the whole state and is a good choice for direct analog and data communication,” stated Corey Badgley, one of the S&K team members working on the radio project. “We are just getting started on the project and will be reporting more in later newsletter issues.”

This radio contract is S&K Global Solutions’ first contract with the Montana National Guard and the company hopes it will pave the way for future work within the state.

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