A Family of Salish & Kootenai Tribally Owned Businesses

Every employee is a brand ambassador

At its simplest definition, a brand ambassador is someone who represents a brand in a positive way. Every company has a brand which consists of features that identify and differentiate the company or service from those of other sellers. The most obvious branding element is a company’s logo, which, much like how a rancher will brand their cattle with their marque to signify it as their particular property, gives a company a unique identifier. For instance, the Apple and Nike logos are exceptionally recognizable brands the world over.

Why is a brand important to our company? First, it’s important to note that a brand is more than a logo alone. It’s also a reputation, and this reputation can be positive or negative. Customers ascribe a positive or negative character based on first-hand experience with a company or through indirect awareness of a company. This ‘brand identity’ is developed through the message, tenets, and ethics embodied by a company and its employees. If the experience is positive, customers will be more likely to continue working with a company and may even become brand advocates. Having a positive brand identity helps a company increase opportunity and growth.

S&K’s Brand Ambassadors are not just executives, sales, or marketing employees – they are each and every employee in our enterprise. That’s right – you are a brand ambassador! You’ve been initiated into this club without even realizing it. But don’t worry, being a Brand Ambassador is easier than you think. You’re already doing it every day.

Brand Ambassadors are the walking and talking expression of a brand. They tend to wear two hats by playing the role of both PR and HR representatives – someone who aims to educate customers about a brand and someone who helps them in any way they can. As employees, you are the strongest ambassadors we have because you are on the front lines, working closely with our customers. S&K employees epitomize the brand identity we need to project as a company. You are hardworking, dedicated, professional, and go above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs.
There are a few key tenets to being or becoming a strong Brand Ambassador:

  • Practice being personable and approachable. A smile goes a long way toward helping our customers have a positive feeling about S&K.
  • Dress professionally, especially if you expect visitors or meetings with customers that day. This is a great way to show S&K’s professionalism and the respect we have for our customers.
  • We love to see S&K logos everywhere; however, take care when using company logos because it’s easy to lose quality or perspective when editing, moving, or copying a logo. If you have questions about using the logos, call us! We are happy to help you create the best-looking presentations possible. If you are in need of S&K logo items to provide to customers, please let us know. We typically have a variety of items in stock, or can arrange to order something special for a marketing event.
  • You can also increase your general knowledge of your company and the S&K enterprise as a whole by visiting the S&K company websites. This will help you answer questions like “what else do you guys do?” and spread the message of S&K.

Our employees are proud to work for a company that is owned by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. Our success enriches an entire community of people, and that altruistic purpose has great meaning. S&K is an enterprise that strives to value its employees. As employees, we value the mission of our company. This partnership has led to industry-leading employee retention levels across our subsidiaries. We hope as a company that our employees are challenged and satisfied, and we hope that you enjoy being Brand Ambassadors for the continued good of our organization.

Knowledge of The Past. Vision for The Future.